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  • Frequently Asked Questions and Common Misconceptions:

    1. Does choosing Hospice mean I have to give up on finding a cure?

    Hospice is about living life with hope and spending time on life's important issues and with the people you love. Patients can sign
    out of hospice care at any time for a course of new treatment and return later, if needed.

    2. Who can receive hospice?

    Hospice is available to anyone with a life limiting illness with a prognosis of six months or less. Patients can remain in hospice
    longer than 6 months, if necessary. Hospice is most effective when there is adequate time to make a full assessment of needs and
    build the trust that allows the patient/family to receive the full spectrum of services.

    3. Who pays for hospice?

    Hospice services are provided regardless of ability to pay. Medicare, Medicaid and most health insurances will cover hospice services.
    Grants from Sweetwater County and the United Way of Sweetwater County along with donations and memorials assure no one is
    refused services.

    4. Can I keep my primary care physician?

    Yes. Hospice becomes an extension of the physicians care by providing aggressive management of pain and other symptoms
    consistent with disease progression.