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At Hospice of Sweetwater County, we are dedicated to providing a safe place for people who are grieving to share experiences and support one another.

The death of  significant loved one can be a very difficult and painful time.  The emotional and physical responses to a loss are part of a normal, natural and necessary process.  The period of time following a death, called bereavement, can be bewildering, frightening and lonely.

We understand that it takes patience and understanding to accept the loss of a loved one. We know that healing and hope for the future are both possible. 

Our bereavement services are extended to all residents of Sweetwater County at no charge and your loved one does not need to be our Hospice patient for you to benefit from our services. We offer:

* One on One Support
* Support Groups and Workshops
* Community Education
* Monthly Journeys Newsletters

To learn more or to benefit from any of our bereavement services, please contact us by phone at 307-362-1990 or by email at

Resources for Grief

Grief is an emotion that takes time for our mind, body and spirit to process through.  Grieving is a healthy response to tragedy, loss and sadness.  It is important to allow yourself the time to process your feelings.  We have provided a few resources for your convenience.

  • If you are grieving, or want to help someone who is grieving, visit Dr. Alan Wolfelt's website for support information and education during difficult times.

  • The Compassionate Friends is committed to helping every bereaved parent, sibling, or grandparent who may walk through our doors.

  • It can be challenging to parents and caregivers to know what to do for, what to say to and how to help children who are obviously hurting. Here are a few suggestions about how to be helpful to a grieving child based on research and practice among children's grief support professionals and volunteers.

  • Here is a way to help someone who is grieving feel close to someone they have lost.

  • A site devoted to grief education, exploration and expression in practical and creative ways

  • Dougy Center offers a wide range of resources for people of all ages who are grieving before and after a death.

  • Candid conversation about grief. Beginners welcome.