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  • Sharon White

    Eleven years ago, I was told that I had COPD. I felt good at the time. Nothing was changing. I still worked, lived a busy life, smoked and wasn’t worried at all about this thing called COPD. I was 60 then. When I turned 65, things began to change. I couldn’t breathe, coughed all the time, by then I was taking several medications and now I was becoming a believer. My husband of 54 years passed away suddenly from cancer in February 2018. He had been my support, my rock, always there for me, then I was all alone. I still had my grown sons and thank God I did, I don’t think I could have made it without them. Then one day my doctor recommended talking to an organization called Hospice. Now I’m just like most people, I thought that meant if they were called in, I must be about ready to pass on. Everyone knew they helped with the critically ill. In my mind this meeting would be another depressed thing I had to deal with, so let’s get it started and get it over with. Have I lead you down the path of depression? Get ready because I was wrong!! That’s not who they are or what they do. These ladies are Godsent. They are here to help you enjoy life not give up on it. They want us to know that we are never alone, they will be there, it just takes one call. They will be there with us to the very end. Whatever you want, is what they want for you and they will do all they can to help make your days here on earth be your happy place. Thank you, God, for our angels here on earth, they are called Hospice Nurses.

  • Lydia Gibson
    Lydia Gibson

    Lydia Gipson

    I had misconceptions about what Hospice was all about. I thought it was only about care at the very end of life. I know now that's definitely not the way they work. They love their clients and give them wonderful care to improve their quality of life. My family and I were surprised to find out that some people even get better with Hospice care.

    Hospice workers are willing and able to help me at any time they can. They go above and beyond what is expected. They all talk to me and laugh with me which makes the days go faster. I’m grateful they take a load off my family.

    Hospice is support all the way around for everybody in the family. I feel like Hospice gives my daughters both some time to do things that they need to do on their own. They suggest some helpful things we have not thought about. Knowing that we can call a nurse 24 hours a day is really nice. If I feel bad enough, I can just say, “Patty, would you call the nurse.” I love the way Susan, my nurse, is not in a hurry when she comes. Actually all the nurses have been attentive to me and answer my questions in a way I understand.

    I like having a regular Respite Care worker, Jamie, instead of different people all the time. She is attentive to me but gives me independence too. She’s always looking for ways to make me more comfortable. It’s wonderful having some relief for my daughter, Patty, who is my primary caretaker.

    I’ve been very worried about money for my care so I’m not a burden on my family. Hospice has relieved that pressure a lot by providing medicine and other needs.

    I like having my doctor, Melinda Poyer, closely involved in my care because I really trust her.

    I just want Hospice to know how much I appreciate and trust them. They are more than happy to come out and help us and seem to look forward to it. And we certainly look forward to them. Thanks Hospice I wish people knew more about you.

    Patty – Lydia’s daughter whom she lives with - Primary Caregiver

    It's incredible. It seems as if it has given me a lot of relaxation over knowing I have someone to call that I can share different thoughts and concerns with. Knowing someone else has been there and experience this time of our life really helps me to feel free to be able to talk about it. I think it really helps Mom to have someone coming in that cares just for her and she knows it. I think that it also it really helps me to know that there's someone coming in to spend time with Mom and I don't have that full responsibility. The medication has been an up-and-down thing. Having someone walk me through it has been really a big help and being able to ask questions about how much medication when and why has been very beneficial to me. The respite provided by hospice has been incredible - our caregiver is incredible. The time that I'm able to get out and get groceries, go to the bank or just go have a cup of coffee has been really uplifting and I don't feel so trapped.

  • Debra Hokanson
    Debra Hokanson

    Last year when my sister was dying from cancer, hospice came into our home and rescued our family from the unthinkable. We were near the end and lost with our thoughts and actions. Hospice took over and gave my sister the care she needed and the support needed for our family. Thank you Hospice for your endless hours of hard work. You are truly Angels on earth.

    Penny Gold

  • Phyllis Tremelling
    Phyllis Tremelling

    Hospice came when my mother was dying from cancer, but we were ALL under their care. They treated us like family. They relieved her pain. And ours.

    Ashley Salah