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An Interdisciplinary Team consisting of the Medical Director, your personal (local) physician, licensed nursing staff, social worker, chaplain and bereavement staff work together to develop a comprehensive, individualized care plan based on the needs of the patient and family.

  • Nursing and Personal Care Services

    Hospice of Sweetwater County nurses are trained in pain management techniques to help alleviate the suffering associated with a life-ending illness. Nurses make regularly scheduled visits to provide skilled patient care and education and are on call 24 hours a day for emergencies. Under the direction of our nurses, qualified home health aides provide personal care services for our patients.

  • Medical Equipment Medications and Supplies

    Our skilled team provides appropriate medical equipment, such as oxygen and hospital beds; disposable supplies, such as gloves, incontinence supplies, bathing supplies, etc.; and all medications related to the terminal illness.

  • Social Services

    Our social workers help patients live with dignity by providing emotional and social support to the patient and loved ones. They can work through closure issues, simplify advanced directives, and help to understand and utilize Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance benefits. Social workers may also be able to identify and access community resources for patients in need of financial assistance.

  • Bereavement Services

    The feelings of loss following the death of a loved one can be overwhelming. Grief is a normal, natural response that is both individual and personal. Through support groups, educational workshops and remembrance celebrations, Hospice of Sweetwater County provides comfort and assistance to families and loved ones dealing with grief for at least one year following the patient's death.

  • Chaplain Services

    Chaplain services are available to provide spiritual counseling and support to patients, family members and loved ones upon request. If needed, they can help locate clergy of your denomination.